Zyrex Maveric AI and Gaming Series Redefine Business Standards and the Gaming World

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Timebusinesstoday.com – ZYREX Indonesia officially launched its newest product line called The Maveric AI & Gaming Series. This launch event was held at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday, March 13 2024. The theme raised at this launch was “Zyrex Maveric AI: Redefining Business and Gaming Legends”.

Through this launch, Zyrex seeks to redefine standards in the world of business and gaming by presenting solutions that
combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with incredible performance.
‘The Maveric AI: Redefining Business and Gaming Legends’ illustrates Zyrex Indonesia’s spirit of innovation in presenting products that are not only superior in performance, but also provide an extraordinary experience for their users.

This product range consists of AI Laptops, PCs and Servers which are designed to meet the needs of business professionals who require speed, reliability and intelligence in every task they perform, as well as for Legend gamers who want maximum gaming performance. By combining AI technology and innovative design, Zyrex Maveric offers a new paradigm in the Laptop, PC and Server industry.

Zyrex Maveric is equipped with the newest, fastest and most advanced processor reaching 24-cores. The technology provides lightning computing speeds that can handle complex AI algorithms with ease. Zyrex Maveric guarantees you can
works smoothly and lag-free, including when you run machine learning models that require intensive data or high-speed complex computing.

One of the superior products from this launch is the Maveric Ultra ) fastest in the world.

Maveric laptops also have a liquid metal cooling mechanism like the Liquid Cooling found on Desktop PCs and can even be connected to an external accessory cooler box which is like a car radiator to maintain the laptop’s performance while working optimally. This laptop screen panel has the highest refresh rate (240Hz) so it can provide the best experience for playing games, creating graphic designs and editing videos.

Meanwhile, Zyrex’s second flagship product, the Maveric PC, offers specifications that can be configured to suit the increasing needs of AI and gaming. Each existing component is offered with technology from CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, and others according to consumer specifications and budget needs.

It’s like an ala-carte fine-dining menu in the world of Information Technology. The Maveric Server provides multiple 4th Generation Intel

“We are proud to present Zyrex Maveric, so that Indonesian people have the opportunity to become the first owners of computers with the newest, fastest and most advanced technology in the world. You can pre-order directly at maveric.zyrex.com. The launch of Maveric is an important historical milestone for Zyrex, even for Indonesia. We are confident that Zyrex Maveric will be a game-changer in the technology industry and push Indonesia to reach a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming.” said Timothy Siddik in his press release.

At this launch event, invited guests and the media had the opportunity to see and try the newest products from Zyrex Indonesia. Additionally, there will be discussion sessions and presentations from industry experts on the latest developments in AI technology and how this will impact the future of business and gaming. Zyrex Maveric not only presents a series of AI products, but also provides periodic and one-on-one AI Consulting and Workshop services to help clients more easily implement AI in their companies.

In this way, we hope to be able to play a part in realizing Indonesia’s vision as a digital country capable of competing globally. Through a shared commitment to increasing digital access and utilizing artificial intelligence, Indonesia is ready to welcome a bright and sustainable digital future.

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