Seeing China’s Lobbies regarding the World Digital Economy

Posted by – Economist and Director of the Center of Economic and Law Studies (Celios), Bhima Yudhistira, said that China’s lobbying with many countries regarding digital economic matters is real.

Bamboo Curtain countries have great interests when their government, or through their home company, is an investor and also does business in a country.

“We cannot separate China’s Silk Road program in the nickel downstream sector from digital, it is one package. “If you tamper with it, the impact will be that the Chinese government will intervene,” said Bhima, quoted on Wednesday (20/3/2024).

One of the alleged interventions by the Chinese government is in TikTok investments. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the passing of a draft law (RUU) that could ban the use of social media TikTok in the United States (US) shows unhealthy business competition.

“The bill passed by the US DPR shows that US actions are contrary to the principles of fair competition and international trade rules,” said Wang Wenbin, quoted by Antara.

The United States House of Representatives (DPR) passed a bill (RUU) to block TikTok in the country by voting with results of 325 to 65 on Wednesday (13/3).

However, it is different from Indonesia. The government has not strictly enforced the rules against Tiktok Shop which still openly violates the regulations of Minister of Trade Regulation Number 31 of 2023.

According to Bhima, Tiktok was allowed to not follow the rules because the company from China has a big influence in the country.

“Because giant companies and Tiktok have a significant role in the 2024 election contest. Apart from that, there is concern that when Tiktok shops are banned, there will be restrictions on Tiktok’s investment plan worth IDR 152 trillion which was previously announced. It is true that the investment promise figure is large, but the government needs to weigh the losses if “So social commerce continues to be left without regulations,” said Bhima.

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