How Did Monkeskate Clothing Get Started, And Who are the People Behind the Brand?

Monkeskate Clothing

In the world of fashion, there are many brands that have become household names over the years. One of these brands is Monkeskate Clothing. It is a brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry since its inception, and its popularity continues to grow. Monkeskate Clothing is known for its unique and quirky designs, as well as its commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. In this article, we will explore the origins of Monkeskate Clothing, and take a closer look at the people behind the brand.

How Monkeskate Clothing Got Started?

Monkeskate Clothing was founded in 2015 by two friends, Sarah and Jenna. They had both been working in the fashion industry for several years, and had grown tired of the lack of creativity and innovation that they saw around them. They decided that they wanted to create a brand that was different from anything else on the market – a brand that would be fun, quirky, and eco-friendly.

Sarah and Jenna started by doing some research into sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. They wanted to make sure that their brand would be as eco-friendly as possible, and that it would have a positive impact on the environment. They eventually settled on using organic cotton and recycled polyester for their clothing, as well as using factories that met their strict ethical standards.

Once they had decided on the materials and manufacturing processes, Sarah and Jenna began designing their first collection. They drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including street art, skate culture, and vintage clothing. The result was a collection of clothing that was fun, colorful, and completely unique.

The People Behind the Brand:

Sarah and Jenna are the co-founders of Monkeskate Clothing, and they continue to be the driving force behind the brand. Sarah is the creative director, and is responsible for the overall look and feel of the brand. She is passionate about design, and spends much of her time sketching and coming up with new ideas for collections.

Jenna, on the other hand, is the business side of the operation. She is in charge of the day-to-day running of the brand, and is responsible for everything from finances to marketing. She is a savvy businesswoman, and has helped to grow Monkeskate Clothing into the successful brand that it is today.

In addition to Sarah and Jenna, Monkeskate Clothing also has a team of designers, seamstresses, and other staff members who help to bring the brand to life. All of these people are committed to the brand’s ethos of sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, and work hard to ensure that every item of clothing is made to the highest standards.

The Ethos of Monkeskate Clothing:

As we have already mentioned, sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices are at the heart of Monkeskate Clothing. The brand is committed to using materials that are environmentally friendly, and to working with factories that treat their workers fairly and pay them a living wage.

In addition to this, Monkeskate Clothing is also committed to giving back to the community. The brand regularly donates a portion of its profits to charity, and also works with local organizations to provide support and assistance to those in need.

The Clothing of Monkeskate Clothing:

One of the things that sets Monkeskate Clothing apart from other brands is its unique and quirky designs. The brand’s clothing is bold, colorful, and fun – perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.

Monkeskate Clothing offers a range of different items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. All of the clothing is made from high-quality materials, and is designed to be both comfortable and durable. The brand’s designs are inspired by a variety of different sources, including street art, skate culture, and vintage clothing. Many of the designs feature bold graphics, eye-catching patterns, and bright colors. Some of the most popular designs include animal prints, tie-dye patterns, and slogans that promote positivity and inclusivity.

Monkeskate Clothing also offers a range of accessories, including hats, bags, and socks. These accessories are designed to complement the brand’s clothing and to help customers create a unique and personalized look.

Where to Buy Monkeskate Clothing:

Monkeskate Clothing is available to buy online through the brand’s website. The website is easy to use, and offers a range of different payment options, including credit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

In addition to the online store, Monkeskate Clothing also has a physical store located in downtown Los Angeles. The store is a great place to see the brand’s clothing in person, and to get a sense of the brand’s unique aesthetic.

The Future of Monkeskate Clothing:

Monkeskate Clothing has already achieved a great deal of success in the fashion industry, but the brand’s founders have no intention of resting on their laurels. They are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of fashion, and to exploring new and innovative design ideas.

In the coming years, we can expect to see Monkeskate Clothing continue to grow and evolve. The brand will likely expand its range of products, and may even open new stores in different parts of the world.


Monkeskate Clothing is a brand that is synonymous with creativity, innovation, and sustainability. Founded by two friends with a passion for fashion and a commitment to doing things differently, the brand has grown into a major player in the fashion industry. Its unique and quirky designs, combined with its commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, have earned it a loyal following of fans around the world. With its eye firmly on the future, Monkeskate Clothing is sure to continue to be a major force in the fashion industry for many years to come.

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